Challenge #03745-J092: Conquering Family

This small one, you ask, was meat. Found them as a baby, was going to raise them to make them big enough to be a real meal. Yes they are human, they are my child. They are VORAX! Touch them, and you will suffer before I let you die. -- Anon Guest

This is mine, by right of conquest. I decide what is done with it. Touch it and lose a limb. This was small, and soft, and vulnerable. This... was meat. Until I learned differently.

The teeth only look blunt and useless. This small creature has cracked my claw carapaces with their bite more than once. They have done so to my raidmates, who attempted to steal them from me. Many have learned not to take them from me.

The arms only look vulnerable and weak. I have witnessed with my own eyes how this creature can hurl small objects with force and accuracy. Enough to end a life without any seeming effort. I realised that my meat was not meat. So I taught them to be one of us.

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