Challenge #03537-I249: Death Was Never This Delectable

A Vorax with severe injuries, and PTSD, wakes up in an ICU drawer. Fully expecting these people to kill them, they signal their surrender, their readiness to die, it will finally end the nightmares. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Vorax is a caste of a whole species whose name I have forgotten and do not wish to go on a wiki walk for. Vorax is an occupation, just like Viking]

Vorax Plepht woke up in a highly technological coffin. He fully expected to awaken in the mead halls of Valhalla[1], surrounded by fellow warriors, for an afterlife of partying and good times. He could not move, and heard a voice in his head.

Please remain calm. We have saved you. You are undergoing medical treatment.

This was not in Plepht's cultural script. He had died gloriously in battle and should have entered a world in which hunger would never again be a problem. He wanted to tell them that this was wrong. He had faced the worst of his fears and literally battled through to the end. That should have been rewarded. He should have died.

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