Tuesday, Patreon and Other Nonsense

I need to fix the footnotes for B'Nar -- This will be happening _after I fix the chapters. Nothing is ever easy.

Le sigh.

Today, I must unearth or create stuff for my Patreon patrons, build a chamber of dungeon for my players to dragon in, do the first formatting pass for B'Nar at minimum, and perhaps devote some hours to creating articles for Alfarell.

Goblins and Brownies to start with. Since I put them in A Devil's Tale.

Now that I've passed the Meet Cute, I also need to expand Spitebane's character development as he learns how to manage people who are not paid to like him.

That promises to be fun.

But I also have to slog. Darnit.

Let's get on with that.