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Challenge #03627-I339: Legally Bound

“I finally created the ultimate slave contract where the victim is enslaved by their own free will, they may be able to break it anytime but the repercussion will be emotionally immense.” “My lord, these are just adoption papers

oh here’s part 2 -- Anon Guests

[AN: I can only guess that these are from two different Nonnies, but the second link supplied leads only to the first bit. Alas, alack]

Lord Aszhatt glared at the seneschal. "But they must fear me, love me, do as I say... I have the ultimate control over their entire life."

Seneschal Pirseptiv sighed. "You had that power before, my lord. The only difference here is that you have... personal oversight."

The former orphan had been watching the interplay. "Iz Dada?"

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Challenge #02013-E189: Order in Court

Not mine, but by randomacts13.

“Humans survived the volatile early years of their species rise through community-bonding. They put the needs of a group of individuals over all else; hunting as a group, eating as a group, raising families as a group, and sometimes dying as a group. This tendency to form strong bonds means that while a human’s signed contract can always be trusted. It also means that a human cannot be trusted to not rip that contract up and

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Challenge #00544 - A169: The Fine Print

If you’re going to make a year-long agreement, you’d better be sure you know whose year you’re using.

“What do you mean I’m still under contract?” Terry demanded. She tried not to make a fist around all her vital documents. “It says five years. It’s been five years. And forty-eight hours, and that’s only because it took that long to get all the forms filled out.”


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