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Challenge #02607-G050: This is MY Baby

The most dangerous place in the whole world is between mother and child.

A: She's not even a human!

B: You can take this child from my cold, dead hands. Don't worry, little one, I will not let them near you. -- Anon Guest

There are indisputable, largely unwritten, laws of the universe. Some of them are common sense like, Do not drink water that smells bad. Some are a little more specific like, Never eat the food at a place called Mom's, or Don't play cards with someone who smiles all the time. But the number one rule, known even by creatures that can't articulate the thought, is this: Never mess with a mother and her child.

Marvin was, possibly, seventeen years old. If he had a family before, he certainly couldn't remember anything about them. He had spent his entire life being the scapegoat for The Razorz, and was generally the one person who took in the firewood, took out the trash, and took the blame for everything. It was quite a surprise, then, to learn that he had gained a mother.

She was, perhaps, four feet tall. She was also draconic, and a sort of muddy green that could blend in with a surprising amount of backgrounds. She had come out of nowhere to prevent Big Yan from landing another meaty fist on Marvin's head, which was still ringing. She made herself look as menacing as a singular Kobold could look, and screeched, "YOU KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BOY!"

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