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Challenge #03433-I145: Congratulations on Your New Cat

They decide to keep the cat, the poor kitten needs them, this is obvious, and raise it. Though learning to raise such an animal was a bit of a learning curve. However, they found it quite protective of them, and very comforting on days when things were ... difficult. -- Anon Guest

When the Humans encounter something small, usually a serving of food, they tend to say, "It's a shame to take it away from its mother." This tiny predator seemed... shameful to take away from its home and habitat.

Nevertheless, Wutu had acquired a new cat. A very new cat, as the Mediks declared. One of them went so far as to declare it a 'bumper car' kitten[1]. They even provided helpful pictures. Cats ate creatures like Wutu, but this one had evidently claimed Wutu as her own. Wutu was warm and soft and smelled like a nice place to nest.

Further, Wutu had fed it, cementing the deal.

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Challenge #03290-I002: Hello, You Are Mine

An ordinary kitten: adorable, cuddly, and gentle, is following a Havenworlder around everywhere. Every time the Havenworlder sits down, the kitten is trying to climb into the feathers or hide under them. Once there, the kitten starts purring, glad for the comfort since the Mama cat is nowhere to be found, and they had searched a lot. What's a person to do? -- Anon Guest

Podargian Wutu settled onto a public perch and once again boggled as the tiny baby predator clambered

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Challenge #03214-H305: Instant Adoption

Little Scut gets a new name, a new "mom", and a new, if clumsy, "big brother". Wraithvine helps them pack up camp and watches over the family, and one has to wonder what ze's thinking, and feeling, knowing the small creature ze rescued now has a loving family, thanks to hir. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Fixed the pronouns up there. Wraithvine is a ze/hir just like your humble author. I called hir 'him' in one

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Challenge #02935-H012: Our Little Monster

Could we have a story of how Anthe and Wraithvine met the little bugbear Rawr? How he lost his eye? And how they rescued him? Please? -- DaniAndShali

"Hate the cold, hate the cold, hate it hate it hate it hate it hate the cold," Anthe grumbled. She was bedecked in a yeti fur coat, if 'bedecked' fit the fact that she was in there somewhere. Boots of Insulation and a Ring of Warmth seemed to

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Challenge #02607-G050: This is MY Baby

The most dangerous place in the whole world is between mother and child.

A: She's not even a human!

B: You can take this child from my cold, dead hands. Don't worry, little one, I will not let them near you. -- Anon Guest

There are indisputable, largely unwritten, laws of the universe. Some of them are common sense like, Do not drink water that smells bad. Some are a little more specific like, Never eat the food at a place called

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Challenge #02571-G014: Seeing to Need

They were 10 years old when the incident happened. Hiding in the woods to try to escape the abuse they endured in the orphanage, they'd come across an unusual sight. Half-buried in the ground was .... something. They didn't know what it was, exactly, but the three outside the object sounded distressed. They went to the three and found them to be not much taller than they were and they were like very large birds. The problem had been the ship, for that

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Challenge #01916-E092: Give Me Your Answer Do

To be a good bouncer, you don't really need to be strong and to like violence. You just need to be intimidating enough that even the drunkest person on the universe wouldn't want to make you angry. -- Anon Guest

Dave didn't need to do much to keep the rowdy ones quiet. All he had do do was flex. It meant that he took up twice his previous volume and made his previously-loose clothing creak ominously at the strain. It was easy

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