Challenge #03290-I002: Hello, You Are Mine

An ordinary kitten: adorable, cuddly, and gentle, is following a Havenworlder around everywhere. Every time the Havenworlder sits down, the kitten is trying to climb into the feathers or hide under them. Once there, the kitten starts purring, glad for the comfort since the Mama cat is nowhere to be found, and they had searched a lot. What's a person to do? -- Anon Guest

Podargian Wutu settled onto a public perch and once again boggled as the tiny baby predator clambered up to nestle under their feathers. Once there, it started rumbling. This was not hostile behaviour, according to the guidebooks. This was a companionable noise.

Nevertheless, a Havenworlder was bound to feel nervous with a predator nearby. Even an apparently tame one. These were Terran creatures. They needed a Terran.

At least Wutu knew better than to throw a rock[1]. All they had to do was look distressed and concerned and a Human would appear. They couldn't resist it. One of the Station's Security personnel, already tasked with preventing trouble before it became a problem, appeared to ask, "Are you having a problem?"

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