Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news:

  • 20 566 new cases
  • 109 524 total active cases
  • 529 hospitalisations
  • 27 in ICU
  • 1 new death.

Vax news:

  • 289 717 doses given nationally
  • 53 208 doses given in Qld

I have stuff to do today. Dungeon room for the players to dragon in, title checks for the anthology, at least one page of edits in Adapting, the WORDPRESS THING... I'm a little bit lost for ideas and all my old ones still suck.

Maybe Learn Some Manners: OR YOU'RE A TERRORIST because we have an abundance of Knomiras causing more plague in the world than their "charming" selves. Something must be said because I can't go around smacking every single Knomira upside the head and then yell at them until I get hoarse.

I want to, but the logistics are impossible.

So now I'm bunkering because we're at over 100K total active cases. Even though the biggest of plague pits is the Gold Coast and I am very far away. All it takes is a Knomira from NSW to go on a coughing tour of Queensland and I'm as good as toast.

Beloved insists that I'll be fine. I can only hope.

In the news:

  • Clip leaks of Chanel Seven news hosties calling Snowflake Tennis Star a "lying arsehole"
  • Snowflake has to leave Australia. Some of Australia is rejoicing
  • NSW has plans for free rapid tests and an economic support package to "live with the virus"
  • Plague hits rubbish collection services
  • More and more people are sick of CEO bullshit
  • Two fuckwits charged with the murder of an 8YO girl
  • Bitcoin nonsense
  • One nation proves that lockdowns don't work against Omicron, allegedly
  • Joe Rogan caught the plague and insists on remaining antivax
  • Booster shots can cure warts
  • Maccas are shutting down because of the staffers in Iso
  • China breaks record for sustained fusion reaction - so they claim
  • Nurse rescues her patient's dog from animal shelter

I publish stories, I edit things, I get on with nonsense.