Challenge #03433-I145: Congratulations on Your New Cat

They decide to keep the cat, the poor kitten needs them, this is obvious, and raise it. Though learning to raise such an animal was a bit of a learning curve. However, they found it quite protective of them, and very comforting on days when things were ... difficult. -- Anon Guest

When the Humans encounter something small, usually a serving of food, they tend to say, "It's a shame to take it away from its mother." This tiny predator seemed... shameful to take away from its home and habitat.

Nevertheless, Wutu had acquired a new cat. A very new cat, as the Mediks declared. One of them went so far as to declare it a 'bumper car' kitten[1]. They even provided helpful pictures. Cats ate creatures like Wutu, but this one had evidently claimed Wutu as her own. Wutu was warm and soft and smelled like a nice place to nest.

Further, Wutu had fed it, cementing the deal.

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