Challenge #03434-I146: Born Again Gormlessness

They find a necromancer willing to make a new body for the poor idiot. But the person will lose all their magic and have to learn everything back from square one. Maybe learn better manners and respect as well. -- Anon Guest

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'll need a holiday after this. I'm getting old and creaky."

Yngvar, barely visible under a newly-invented Helm of Obviousness, said, "How long do Kobolds live?" His voice was almost a whisper on the wind.

Rawr said, "One hundred and twenty, I heard... though the un-joke is five seconds after they meet an adventurer." He winced at it instead of a pity laugh. "Kobolds and Adventurers have become wiser since the last time that was a joke."

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