Thursday, and the thing with yesterday.

The story of yesterday starts with the day before. I shall leave out the details to preserve the innocent and guilty alike.

On Tuesday, a person very close to my heart decided to send me a set of serial insults. Why? Because I could not perform a task according to their in-skull instructions. And because I missed doing a task on Monday [my most tired day of the week] this was two sins in four days.

So when I needed a day to have a meltdown about that... this same person decided to send me more insults under the pretense of trying to help. Charming.

And now they're carrying on as if nothing has happened and no blame is necessary. Great.

And... now that I've put even that much out in public, I am the bad guy to this person. Yay.

...there's a much longer screed of spleen venting that I will only show my Beloved and my Shrink. Three firkin pages of it.

And then I wrote so much fiction that I hurt my wrists.

SO... the belated Wordpress is going to be another fragment of story. I have to rest my wrists. Can't be helped.

I can only carry on in the way that heals me the most. Wait and hope for an apology that may never come. Continue on my way to getting over these old scars in my mind and finally take my own advice.

I say it every stream - "Look after yourself, you're the only you we've got."

This is me, doing my best. It's all I have, and I can give no more than that.

And speaking of giving, I have two stories to post about.