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Challenge #03032-H109: Dragon Favoured

The Dragonmage, the young men and women chosen of dragon-kind. Formerly the unwanted, the undesirable, the abused, the mistreated. Incorruptible due to their bond with their dragons, they feared almost nothing save for the idea that their desire to save innocent lives would fail. The greedy, the grasping, the cruel, they sought out children who might have eggs now. Attempts to corrupt, attempts to control their own dragonmages. But the dragons were sent to taught this world a lesson, painfully if need be.

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Where magic fails, science rises. Where science falters, magic takes its place. This is true even beyond the philosophy of human minds. Welcome to Pickvale, here there be dragons. Most of them cavort in the fields surrounding what was once meant to be a comprehensive school, playing with those who came for a place of sanctuary from the terrible lives they once had. The town was originally ageing out of existence, but the influx of new folks was welcome. No matter if they had dragons with them or not.

Ever since Persi, the older citizens of Pickvale were far more amenable to being pseudo-parents. They were rightfully convinced that these kids needed looking after, and they were careful at it. The older Pickvaleans were decent folk and their gentle kindness showed the growing Dragonmages what good people looked like.

Now... some of them were re-entering the world. Either walking with their dragons by their sides, or flying to their destinations on dragonback. They went to right invisible wrongs, while being the most visible people in the world. It didn't take long for authorities to notice something was up.

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