Challenge #03186-H277: Pax Draconis

A massive dark dragon, breath of great flame. Enormous wings, hide oddly smooth and soft. The maw was filled with large teeth, the dark red eyes slitted and serpent-like. Yet the voice? Warm, unusually kind, intelligent, gentle. The feared, hated, creature, has never killed save non-intelligent animals for food, and only wanted peace between itself and others. Yet the only ones willing to listen, were the kobolds who'd made their home within its den. Then, came travelers, would they listen to the words and finally get the hunters to stop? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Had to correct 'sentient' as a sentient creature is self-aware. Rats are sentient. A cockroach is sentient. They may or may not be smart]

Silverwing was not a stupid dragon. Stupid dragons laid waste to everything around them and all but invited adventurers to come slay them. Silverwing made a point of only hunting the dangerous creatures in the mountains and valleys. Occasionally, ze would delve into a cave and clear it out of anything nasty.

And yet, the adventurers still came.

There was nothing like a dragon for drawing the type of people who wanted to look large by killing a dragon. Killing them only invited more of them. Silverwing lead them on a chase through areas where the landscape alone was plenty deadly enough. Nature always took her due.

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