Challenge #03271-H362: Draconis Rex

Silverwing, over the years, makes deals with other adventurers. Some even end up with families while living near the dragon's den. After a while a village has formed with one unified goal, protect their dragon friend. Other adventurers, dragon-slayers, come to try to take down the dragon, and find out that this village does NOT tolerate such behavior. They protect the dragon and the kolbolds, and in return, the dragon takes care of any deadly predators that threaten the village. Not to mention the dragon's an excellent instructor and, as such, the school for the children was built near the den so the dragon could work with others in educating the young.

Sadly, however, adventurers still came wanting to slay a dragon. And, sadder still, some only were willing to learn the HARD way about their foolish actions.

I based this off of this story. I like Silverwing! -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Drakodin, Smart People Welcome Here! It's a rich town with simply amazing fortifications. The latest in clever weaponry, artificer's excellence, and traps smart enough to distinguish friend from foe. Its chief export seems to be Artificers and Tinkerers who are permanently surprised that all towns aren't like Drakodin.

Nowhere is like Drakodin. Yet. That may change in good time.

For now, the town is the only one where people are paid fairly, the children are educated, and the healers are remarkably good at cross-species medicine. Oh, and there's an enormous Dragon who is also functioning as the town's bank.

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