Sunday, Day 0, Sunshine and Cyclones

Plague news: 3 592 new cases, 3 587 local, 5 imports. That makes 16 688 total active cases, 170 of those are in hospital and 5 are in the ICU.

Vax news: no vax news for the 1st of January 2022

I have spent too long awake because my sleep cycle is out of sync with the rest of the local nonsense, so all I have planned is writing and napping. And eating good foods.

There's finally some sunshine, so I may find out if my lappy is actually borked or not.

Later on, I shall be DM to my eager Murder Hobos. Yay.

In the news:

  • QLD cases spike like nonsense
  • NSW cases even more nonsense
  • Cyclone off the east coast of Aus. So that explains my migraines
  • Victorian Antivaxxer sets himself ON FIRE WTH
  • Victoria's cases over 7K
  • Trader loses $1.6 Million in one mistake
  • Beavers restore rivers in the Utah desert

Stories! Yaaaayyy!