Challenge #03270-H361: Forced by the Invisible Hand

The person had been in that world as a "free demon" for some time now. Their friends, back on earth, realize they've not seen their friend for some time. They learn how to call their friends to that world and introduce them to the magic user that dragged them out of the "hell" that is earth and into that world, and how humans, apparently, have power there. -- Anon Guest

"So it's been a while, hi guys," the image in the app waved for the viewer. "You're probably wondering what's up with the Renfaire cosplay. Well, this is where it gets complicated..."

Bertie watched. So this was what had happened to their friend Mar. Considering the vast differences between the worlds, it was no shock that she stayed. Also... the Earth they knew was literally that reality's hell. "Should'a guessed, honestly," Bertie mumbled. It made so much sense. The oligarchy, the standards, the shitty hypocritical morals... the list went on and on.

"So. If you want to have super-demonic powers in a way better reality, Uh... the way the spell works is that the warlock needs a name. A real name. Your truest name, as it happens, and then -boom- you can make their wishes come true and you can make a deal. It's way easier than working five jobs just to pay the rent." Once more, Mar gestured with her arms, showing off the silver bracelets. "It even comes with bling."

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