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Challenge #03691-J038: One Abandoned Prize

A Human, and their Havenworlder spouse, find an early-shattering, almost pre-shattering, ship in nearly perfect condition with all of its materials, well almost all of it's materials, intact. And they're able to claim it. -- Anon Guest

One being's trash is another's treasure. Truer words had never come out of the entire insane mess that was the Human race. Things thrown away in eons past became valuable in later years. Things valuable in eons past also became worthless.

Thus, the cycle of Sargasso dumps was near eternal. One never knew what ancient treasures might turn up.

T'kiith found letters on the latest vessel. Old Human English. It could mean anything. Ze read them out for Uli, hir spouse. "N... A... S... A. Is that a word or an acronym?"

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Challenge #03027-H104: The Paper Anchor

The book was old, beyond old, really. It had been passed down from parent to child for a millennia. It was, now, so thick and large it was carried in a careful satchel and, due to being so ancient, the oldest of the pages yellowing, only carefully opened with gloves. The newest pages, however, were much fresher and had been added to the book almost weekly over the past hundred years. But now, the owner, dying gracefully of old age, called to

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