Challenge #03980-J328: The Most Treasured Thing

The one thing the dragon coveted in their entire hoard was not the gold, the gemstones, or the fine tapestries. It was a plain, wooden, statue given to them when they were but a hatchling. If someone came, respectfully, asking for aid, they did not mind sharing the rest, but don't anyone dare touch that one precious item. -- Anon Guest

A Dragon's Hoard is not what the legends keep saying it is. More often than not, they are things the Dragon finds worthy of treasuring. The gold and gems are more of a personal hygiene treatment. Gems to scratch out any parasites, and gold to smother any that the gems missed.

As for why they guard it so jealously... imagine some small creatures invaded your home and attempted to kill you for your bespoke body wash. You'd be ticked about that too.

More than one Dragon is prepared to surrender some of their "body wash" to those who visit in need. They roast those who come in greed. And to a rare few who visit, they allow to tour the true hoard. Those precious treasures are not things mere mortals might value, and are unique to the Dragon.

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