Challenge #03812-J160: That One Place

Fights constantly broke out at this bar, but the man in the red, yellow, and black chevron tattoos down his arms was left strictly alone. -- Anon Guest

The sign out front named the establishment the Brawl Inn. The mandatory Standard Language prefixes for food, drink, and rest stood in front, declaring that all three were available within.

There's always a fight going on in there. It's one of the reasons why the plates and drinking vessels were metal. It's among the reason why the tables are bolted to the floor and the chairs are surprisingly bendy for all of their apparent structure.

A certain kind of Deathworlder frequents it. The kind of person who needs to "blow off steam" and beat the ever-loving excrement out of someone who can withstand the process. Those who frequent the Brawl Inn frequently leave it arm in arm with someone who they were punching mere minutes earlier.

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