Challenge #03799-J146: It Ain't Broke

The dragon's scales would drop and turn to gold, and the village used it to make their coins. The one thing the dragon demanded was the village not get greedy about it.

The elders teach their children "Betray not the dragon that guards our homes, and allows us to live free. For if your heart grows cold and cruel, the dragon will forsake thee." -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Gilded Hills, here there be Dragon. Not a multitude. One is plenty.

Their name is Syntillus, and they have what might be called a shedding problem. Scales fall once a season as the stiffest winds blow. The people below their flights cheered their passing with baskets on their heads.

Dragon scales have interesting properties at the best of times, but the scales of Syntillus were unique. Sit them in the rain and wait a pace, and the scales would erode into flakes of gold. More than enough to keep a family through dire times. Enough to pay for needs to be met even in the neediest seasons.

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