Challenge #03962-J310: All Customers Welcome

Our service is unique, our clients are huge. Why do we, such a seemingly small village, live in such a massive cave? Ah, here comes one of our clients now. See that huge dragon in the distance? They want a scrub. That is what we do. This is Spasville. And our speciality is giving even the biggest dragons a wonderful spa, complete with scale-scrub, claw-trim, wing-massage and polish! -- Anon Guest

There are technically five entrances to Boiling Mountain, and the township around the sunken cauldera's perimeter. It's not hard to find the place, either. It's the only mountain with a roof on its peak.

Everyone has seen diagrams of volcanoes, and the lava chamber in their heart. This mountain had that chamber slowly drain into a secondary lava chamber that keeps the upper cauldera piping hot. The city of Spasville is more or less picked out around the rim of all that free hot water. There are dragon-sized pools, as well as others for large, medium, small, and even tiny creatures. All are welcome here.

Hellkin, almost immune to the heat, run the steam vents and saunas. Some even dive into the literally boiling water to work maintenance. Stone constructs and elemental creatures work where they can do the most good.

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