Monday, Tale Foundry reads and wrist owwies

I have applied deep heat to my wrists and I shall be looking up pre-writing stretchies to try and bolster my wrists before I get into the writing thing.

I'm about to see if there's an app for that.

...nope. Warm-ups for running. Warm-ups for weightlifting. No warm-ups for nerdy soft ppl.

I found and bookmarked a helpful website that shows the stretchies.

Meanwhile, I have recently learned that some buttmunch hacked my PayPal account and drained my accounts. Yay. I've filed a complaint, changed my password, and added two-factor authentication.

After I get my refund [or next month] I will delete the fraudster's accounts and further hope for the best.

Update: Paypal says I can't have my money back. Fuck them. So long, $60.

I'm going to work on the Foundry story, then get on with the daily offerings.