Challenge #03716-J063: Prepared for Boarding

A human family, and their dear draconic friends, have set up a special service. Go up the hill to the large farm by the mountain, the dragons, for a fee, will give you a lift where-ever you want to go! The humans make sure the ones asking for a lift are not there to make trouble. -- Anon Guest

Blufyre had had a clutch. Her nearby city had celebrated the laying and, ten years later, the hatching. Baby Dragons are very cute and, when they got a little past the tumbling bumbling kitten stage, they were happy to explore and help the citizens in Keodragos.

It took them hundreds of years to get to their fledgling stage, but that began a new wonder for Keodragos.

The clutch offered the people lifts. First, from clearing to clearing in the city and from there outwards to areas surrounding it. Some would take people with them if they were going the same way, for some of their hunting expeditions. For the most part, they tested their wings by carrying as much as possible as far as they could go. The people of Keodragos called it, the Dracomnibus.

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