Challenge #04006-J354: A Treasure Beyond Compare

"Evening! Oh put your weapons away, I don't intend to fight you. Need something? All this treasure? Oh it's not mine, you'll have to ask the kobolds and see if they'll share. Be nice, mind you, these guys are well trained to deal with your lot. My hoard? Heh, oh you mean my library, it's further back. Have any favorite books?" -- Anon Guest

Dragons have learned from the greed of Humanity. There's still the compulsion to hoard something, but they very rarely hoard gold and gems any more. There is, somewhere in the vast expanses of Alfarell, a Dragon who hoards macaroni art and jewellery made for them by children.

Kobolds still make offerings of anything shiny, and that is where the misunderstanding arises.

For every Dragon minding their own business, there's some Starter Hero who thinks that a Dragon's hoard is going to solve a lot of their problems. Alas, ferocious Dragons are a thing of ancient legends. The ones that survive are the ones who don't pose a threat to the population. The heroes don't listen to common sense and are inevitably disappointed.

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