Sunday, Game Night and Shenanigans

I continue to be a busy busy bean, today. I forgot The Bikkie this Friday, so I fed my starter this morning and hoping for the best. One day is not that bad for a starter in the fridge.

I do have some wholemeal flour to make myself some bread with. Since bread is what I miss the most about going Keto. I plan on doing One Giant Loaf and subdividing it into daily servings and freezing them for later use. I also plan on using Chia seeds in some manner and seeing how that goes.

This experiment: Soak the seeds in the water for the bread for like half an hour and see how it goes.

I'll be the only person eating it so it should all be good.


I think I'm at about the halfway point of writing Chpater 360 of A Devil's Tale so that should be going on to it's fourth GoogDoc real soon now.

5.5 chapters until I start posting starter sentences in my socials.


Tomorrow evening, I am welcoming Beloved and Adorable home from the South Americas. On Tuesday, I shall be getting a huge amount of gravel delivered to my home, and therefore be able to un-pothole my swamp backyard.

The sooner I'm able to drive my car into the shed, the happier I'll be.

Soon, soon, soon, I shall stream a story. Then? I can nap.