Challenge #04032-K014: Going Undercover

May we see the mission to the lands where ones such as this young human escaped from? And what became of the lands, and the cruel slave owners? -- Lessons

Vaphambryl. Picturesque Archduchy renowned for its fine arts and gloriously beautiful farms. Even those who visit rarely wonder where all the workshops are. There might be a few little hobbyists here and there, but they aren't producing the quality of detail evident in their exports.

Those are things made with love.

The things made for profit don't see the sunshine until after they're unpacked in the emporiums they're exported to. That's because the fine arts are made underground. No inspection before this one has found Vaphambryl's dirty little secrets. No inspectors looked hard enough at the barrows or boarded-off mineshafts. They'd have seen the hinges or found the mechanisms if they did.

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