Monday, SNAFU all over again

I forgot to write here and dove straight into the daily tale. Blame the Tale Foundry Backup Readings. I got in the fiction creation mood.

Beloved is arriving in this fair city at 11:30 PM so I won't be able to be there to greet her. She has medical intervention soon in the next morning... I probably won't have her in my arms until maybe tomorrow evening.


Tomorrow, the gravel arrives. I shall be camping near the front door and doing things there until the stuff gets there. I don't know about moving it around thereafter. It depends on the heat and humidity at the time.

Either way, I am going to get the swamp fixed.

Today, I'm back to taking things easy. A bit into the WIP, and a different side project is the goal per diem. Anything extra is a bonus. I have learned that two per day, every day, is a bit more stressful than I like.

Henceforth, I shall be counting bonuses for bragging rights. Like: I did four last week.

Onwards to my offerings.