Challenge #04033-K015: Kindness Grows

They leave gifts for the Faekindred kind known as Brauniin. Small desserts, bottles of fruit juice, honey cakes, etc. Why? Because these kind faerie were there for them, and stopped them from hurting themselves when they were at their deepest despair, and helped them recover. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Might be reference to this: ]

It began with a loaf of bread. A baker took pity on Trash and pressed a small loaf into the young Hellkin's hands. Trash immediately broke it in half and gifted it to Nudibranch.

Because of the blessing, the baker did well. Three meals' worth of good fortune happened to them. Rapidly. It didn't take much to work out the causation.

Be kind to the village Hellkin, and fortune follows fast.

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