Tuesday, Patreon, Gravel, and a Day Off

The gravel was announced before I was done with my stretchies. So I had to hurry up. Paused stretchies, put on my knees, put on my pants, fed the cats, roused the kids, and set up for a stakeout.

I was just ready to sit and write and wait when the crane truck turned up.

We now have 400kg (62 stone + 14 lbs) of gravel which, I hope and pray, will do great things towards making the swamp less of a swamp, and allow me to drive my car into the shed for its own safety.

We will not be inserting gravel into holes until a cooler hour.

I will also not be expecting terribly much from myself. Seeking out the easiest thing to do with the rest of my day.

It's already afternoon and my foot hurts because (a) dropped a 20kg bag of gravel on it, and (b) Miss Chaos stood on it.

And, for those of you interested in gross bruise pics, my toe was pretty firkin colourful before I got out of bed:

[Shown here: My left foot with a nasty-looking purple bruise on the big toe, right near the nail bed, and some smaller bruises along the toe and near the upper side of the ball of the foot]

I might be getting a replacement toenail some months hence. Happened before, will likely happen again. Gross in the middle, but the human body is the ultimate smarty-pants.

Getting on with getting on with things now.