Thursday, Game Night and Fun Times

The QPP went out to watch The Little Mermaid. The unnecessary live action remake version of it.

Make no mistake, Halley Bailey does amazing work in this film. It is not her fault that she's been acting against soulless CGI puppets and one guy who can't really sing.

I was not impressed by the Seemingly Mandatory Lin Manuel Miranda rap. And it's not his fault that the corporate mouse owns his soul.

I would like to know who held the decision button on "realism" versus "make shit up" because although Sebastian looked like an understandably realistic crab... they had the swimming motion all wrong.

Tonight, I shall be playing VTTRPG [Virtual Table Top Role Playing Game] with fellow rainbow-coded chaos peeps, and last night we had the first trio sleepover. I think it went well. We all have to get used to each others' noises, and that's a thing.

I may have converted The Awesomeness into enjoying weighted blankets. And wanting to read the Neverending WIP.

Speaking of...

Chapter Count: About to commence (and will probably end up finishing) Chapter 286

With good fortune today, I shall get another chapter summarised. I shall nibble this dingdang thing to DEATH damnit!

...and then I work on the next firkin novel


Gotta start in order to finish.