Challenge #03819-J167: Artistic and Edible

A human made a tray of "silly treats." Grapes stuffed into raspberries so they looked like they were wearing little beards, unpeeled apple slices with apples spread with a bit of frosting and marshmallows to look like smiling mouths, oranges peeled to look like big, fat, flowers, etc. Why? Just to share treats with friends and to enjoy life. -- Anon Guest

Of all the foodstuff inventions created by Humans, the most famous is their food-on-a-stick. The second most famous is, interestingly Candy Googly Eyes. Which was what made this feast so possible.

Meringue, fruit, sweetened cocoa butter[1], Havenworlder-safe chocolate, and all arranged to look like other things.

"Most of these used to use nuts," explained Human Duc. "I did find some pastry substitutes that would work just as well, so I did that instead. And when in doubt? Lots of sugar."

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