Challenge #03818-J166: The First Thing

They had immense power, they had been gifted, though they would say cursed, with immortality. But what to do with it? Money wasn't exactly an interest, and they hated the idea of settling down and owning land, that would drive them nuts after a while. Who was that famous person again, that living god? Oh that's right, go to the temple of helping hands! Maybe they can give advice! -- The New Guy

Most immortals never come by it on purpose. Even those who do soon learn to regret their new lifetime. For Stagdaz, a humble Gobelliin fungus farmer, it was quite a shock to discover that ze couldn't die.

Getting up after falling four hundred feet onto spikes is always a give-away.

Ze didn't know what ze did to gain immortality, and didn't know what to do with it now that ze had it. There had to be a reason, right? Something to do with hirself to change the world. That was usually why the gods granted immortality. Wasn't it?

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