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Challenge #04164-K146: A Very Simple Lesson

B'Nari medic learns the secret of how some sea creatures eternally renew their genetic telomeres without any harm to themselves. And begin to splice this coding into new bodies which now stop aging after becoming adults because the telomeres never degrade. -- The New Guy

[AN: Pretty sure the B'Nari would be looking into that before they hared off with their gengineering colony]

Immortality can be either a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how the immortal views it. It also depends on how much influence the immortal has, and in which direction. Just as one can change the world with two kind hands... all it takes to ruin one is a singular cruel heart.

B'Nar was founded on the idea of creating the perfect workers for their purpose. Several gengineering corporations went down deep time to operate in competition with each other. The results may be dubious, but the experiment is nominally successful. Some stumbles were made along the way.

Nobody talks about the fifth world, these days, but the records are there for the curious. Pour encourager les autres.

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Challenge #04109-K091: A Long Time Waiting

A being cursed, or blessed depending on whom you ask, with immortality. They want to join their family in the next world and, despite multiple tries cannot. They spend days and nights in sorrow. Then they meet Wraithvine and friends. -- Anon Guest

One thing they never mention about undying immortality, it's that recovering from otherwise fatal injuries really, really hurts. And if there's nobody to help you, you end up healing wrong, and it hurts worse.

Asking a healer to help

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Challenge #03905-J253: How to Not Die

There’s no such thing as an immortal body, but immortal spirits exist. Those who carry on the lessons and history of the past from one generation to the next can be considered immortal. Immortality isn’t out running death; it’s outlasting it. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link leads to Overly Sarcastic Productions' take on the Epic of Gilgamesh. I can recommend]

What is death, the philosophers asked, when you get down to it? The true and absolute elimination of a

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Challenge #03818-J166: The First Thing

They had immense power, they had been gifted, though they would say cursed, with immortality. But what to do with it? Money wasn't exactly an interest, and they hated the idea of settling down and owning land, that would drive them nuts after a while. Who was that famous person again, that living god? Oh that's right, go to the temple of helping hands! Maybe they can give advice! -- The New Guy

Most immortals never come by it on purpose. Even

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Challenge #03505-I217: Offer of an End

A very, very, powerful old magic user finds a way to cure those who wish to give up their immortality and become mortals again. A special crystal they developed and make several of such crystals, which the immortality is placed within, leaving the person mortal once more. But how many are truly brave enough to give up their immortal lives, knowing that they will, from the point they are now at, live a normal life span and die of normal old age?

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Challenge #03471-I183: It Never Gets Old

They were human, once, a long time ago. Due to a massive accident, their body was lost, they chose a mechanical one instead. Then they earned enough time to buy a ship. The ship would sometimes be their body, sometimes the android in the charging niche. It is a wonderful life and career they have now! -- Fighting Fit

Immortality isn't for everyone. The B'Nari average out at eight hundred years before they get bored enough to let their Selves die. They

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Challenge #03317-I029: Blessing? You Mispronounced 'Curse'

Do you really want to fight and kill to gain immortality? Did you really just barge into my home demanding I remove your mortality and make you as immortal as I? Well, you're in luck, I'm feeling particularly generous today. No I'm not going to make you immortal, idiot, put away your blade. I AM going to let you look into the mirror that will show you your entire life, from your birth, to your future as an immortal. And, if you

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Challenge #03063-H140: True Ruin

The human psyche is a fragile thing, perhaps it’s meant to be pitiful. I wonder when was the last time I shed a tear. I lived for so long now. I absorb so much knowledge, however, I wonder whenever I lost more that what I’d gained. Have I... become numbed to other’s feelings gratitude and remorse? I kept the memories of what emotions feel like, even if that means that I’m barely able to recognize it. Perhaps, the

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