Challenge #04109-K091: A Long Time Waiting

A being cursed, or blessed depending on whom you ask, with immortality. They want to join their family in the next world and, despite multiple tries cannot. They spend days and nights in sorrow. Then they meet Wraithvine and friends. -- Anon Guest

One thing they never mention about undying immortality, it's that recovering from otherwise fatal injuries really, really hurts. And if there's nobody to help you, you end up healing wrong, and it hurts worse.

Asking a healer to help you fix that is a trial.

My name is Temporyn, and everyone I know and love is dead. I'm cursed because I cannot join them. Existence is meant to be a cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and somehow, one important step keeps passing me by. I thought that nothing could improve my lot.

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