Challenge #03471-I183: It Never Gets Old

They were human, once, a long time ago. Due to a massive accident, their body was lost, they chose a mechanical one instead. Then they earned enough time to buy a ship. The ship would sometimes be their body, sometimes the android in the charging niche. It is a wonderful life and career they have now! -- Fighting Fit

Immortality isn't for everyone. The B'Nari average out at eight hundred years before they get bored enough to let their Selves die. They give equal weight to a person, whether they started as organic or as an AI. They also made the mistake of sharing brain backups with the wrong kind of people.

Hi. I used to be indebted to the wrong kind of people. Doesn't matter who they are by now. They're long gone.

What they did do was install B-Backupz(tm) to every sleep niche on every ship they sent out on their mining missions. Their reasoning was that they would therefore not have to lose any money through "unfortunate employee mishaps". Also known as dying on the job because they didn't want to spend a Sec[1] on any safety features. I remember that I made it back to my bunk before I died. I remember how painful it was. Then I woke up in my first body. The mining drone that had flakking killed me. You could say I was not happy.

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