Sunday, Game Night PLNs

There's no D&D this week. We're playing Minecraft together. Which means that I have to make a new profile for that noise. That will be happening after the story post goes through.

Today, I will be messing around on Minecraft. Working on my potential base in Creative. Or writing some more A Devil's Tale because it has me by the Muse.

The Lurgi that Miss Chaos brought home has definitely hit Beloved hard. So much so that she has to sleep in the spare room just so I can get some rest. Ow.

The really bad news? I can feel this fucker sneaking up on me. It might be encroaching on my abilities to do things. Bleh.

Keeping myself fed and hydrated and as rested as I can get.

And keeping up the content as much as I can.

Further news as events warrant.