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Challenge #03409-I121: Curse-grown Blessings

I curse you with ten thousand years of life! Sounds like a blessing doesn't it? But I'm not done yet. You are now incapable of doing any harm to ANYONE ever again except under two conditions. You are actively defending your OWN life, you are actively defending an innocent's life. Good luck. -- Anon Guest

Year One:

Sword and dagger alike failed to hit. Fists stopped short of their intended victims. Arrows missed their target. Even words meant to injure pride failed to be said.

This was hell.

Those who turned against him found weapons biting their bodies or words injuring their pride, but only long enough to make them stop. Only just enough to allow him his escape.

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Challenge #03361-I073: Curse Breaker

“The only way to break the prince's curse is by true love’s kiss.”

“Damn, y-you know the forehead would’ve been sufficient. I didn’t think you’ll go tongue deep.”

“Why didn’t you tell me then?!”

“I thought it would be more fun” -- Anon Guest

Prince Godomar Jishi Morosada Frotho Amawrahta Kantakouzene gasped for air as their -ahem- "close personal friend" put him back onto his feet. The blood rushing to his face prevented it from rushing to

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Challenge #03317-I029: Blessing? You Mispronounced 'Curse'

Do you really want to fight and kill to gain immortality? Did you really just barge into my home demanding I remove your mortality and make you as immortal as I? Well, you're in luck, I'm feeling particularly generous today. No I'm not going to make you immortal, idiot, put away your blade. I AM going to let you look into the mirror that will show you your entire life, from your birth, to your future as an immortal. And, if you

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Challenge #03063-H140: True Ruin

The human psyche is a fragile thing, perhaps it’s meant to be pitiful. I wonder when was the last time I shed a tear. I lived for so long now. I absorb so much knowledge, however, I wonder whenever I lost more that what I’d gained. Have I... become numbed to other’s feelings gratitude and remorse? I kept the memories of what emotions feel like, even if that means that I’m barely able to recognize it. Perhaps, the

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Challenge #01975-E151: Toxic Culture Kills

We're all familiar with phrases like "toxic masculinity", "testosterone poisoning", and similar terms used for men whose mindset and behavior could charitably be described as "aggressively unpleasant"...

But what if all that were not just wordplay? What if "toxic masculinity" somehow actually was toxic? What if "testosterone poisoning" really was poisonous? To whom, whether it be the person themselves or those around them, I leave as a decision for the author. -- Anon Guest

The last victim of the Friendzone Killer was

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Challenge #01102-C005: Curse? What Curse?

Have fun! -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Adult content warning: the link inside that post leads you to an article about some very interesting toys]

Camilla had wanted to undo the curse straight away, of course. She had never meant to turn her fiancée into a dragon in the first place. She should have known something was dodgy about that newt's eye extract.

And yet... Frederik was taking his transformation so well. He loved to fly, and

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Farging roadblocks!

No, this is not about traffic.

I seem to be cursed to stay at or above 91.9 kilos.

I bounced back up into solid 92kilo turf, today. Grrr.

I’m so mad at myself and frustrated and tired and, to add insult to injury, my right knee has decided to join my wrists in the Painful Rheumatism Club.

Which means I more or less have to rely on diet alone on the days when it’s painful to move.

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