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Challenge #03409-I121: Curse-grown Blessings

I curse you with ten thousand years of life! Sounds like a blessing doesn't it? But I'm not done yet. You are now incapable of doing any harm to ANYONE ever again except under two conditions. You are actively defending your OWN life, you are actively defending an innocent's life. Good luck. -- Anon Guest

Year One:

Sword and dagger alike failed to hit. Fists stopped short of their intended victims. Arrows missed their target. Even words meant to injure pride failed to be said.

This was hell.

Those who turned against him found weapons biting their bodies or words injuring their pride, but only long enough to make them stop. Only just enough to allow him his escape.

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Challenge #03147-H238: Some Assembly Required

A traveling human with a few musical instruments with them is going from world to world, station to station, traveling across the alliance and even into the edge and beyond. Their goal? To learn the musical culture of as many various races as they can. To write a book all about a musical universe. -- Lessons

Her luggage wasn't as immense as many might think, given her life's goal. There were three changes of clothes[1] of bland similarity, and the rest

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