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Proof in the absence of pudding

This is my fourth day of doing the Ketogenic Diet and I have some fantastic news: I now weigh 87.4 kilos. My previous lowest record, recorded in 2012, was 87.7 kilos.

In four days, I have gone to my lowest recorded weight.

I feel energetic and happy and Beloved and I have gone on our 15-minute walk and not felt drained or strained as a direct result.

Hell, I even put on a load of washing before I was desperate to do so.

These are big strides for me.

Though I did cursory housework, yesterday, it was because I feared draining my spoons to zero. Today, I am a great deal more confident that my energy will remain and, therefore, I'll be sweeping the house after I'm done with my writing.

I've stopped taking my supplements since Saturday and I've yet to notice a dip in my overall health.

And all this is despite accidentally consuming too many carbs via the packaged veggies that were part of dinner, last night. I'm still learning how this all goes, of course.

Thanks to the carbs, I was hungrier earlier than normal1 so I broke my fast with a boiled egg and a healthy helping of hollandaise sauce. Powers, I love this diet!

Alas, the diet triangle has three parts, which are "cheap", "easy" and "delicious". You get to pick two. This diet is easy and delicious, but it sure as flakk ain't cheap. Fresh meat and veg co$t, and fruit is hardly better.

On the other hand, I gotta say it's totally worth it.

  1. Normal for me is long about 9AM


That’s my weight, this morning. I’m finally down to sniffing distance of my target weight.

After my personal disaster cascade [see earlier posts about me tripping on a chair], I honestly believed I would be battling weight problems and increasing weight until such time as I could actually walk again.

What I forgot is that I would also be less inclined to get up and grab another snack.

Here’s my regime - or what passes for

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Farging roadblocks!

No, this is not about traffic.

I seem to be cursed to stay at or above 91.9 kilos.

I bounced back up into solid 92kilo turf, today. Grrr.

I’m so mad at myself and frustrated and tired and, to add insult to injury, my right knee has decided to join my wrists in the Painful Rheumatism Club.

Which means I more or less have to rely on diet alone on the days when it’s painful to move.

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Up and down...

I’m back down to 92.4, today. I did it by not eating very much, and yet, I also didn’t eat very much of anything that’s good for me.

I doubt I’m going to make it to 80 kilos subsisting solely on peanut-honey sandwiches, as I have been yesterday. [FYI: You mix almost-equal portions of honey and peanut paste/butter together and spread the results on a sandwich. Tasty and filling.]

I really should

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I'm up to 94 kilos :(

I successfully got down to 92.5 kilos. Shortly before it rained.

Now that it’s raining, walking the dog is out, and sitting on my behind and trying to stay warm is in. This is why I’m back up to 94.

What I need to do is get my fattening arse up on my exercise bike and pedal ‘till my legs fall off.

Not happening today, probably. Life is busy getting in the way.

Flooding rains, kids,

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One more kilo

Including the standard daily wobble, I’m losing roughly a kilo a week. That’s progress of a sort. I did have an alarming jump of more than a kilo upwards, but I’m back down again.

Not by the kilo and a bit I gained, of course.

Weight is easier to gain than drop. Everyone should know that.

The slow diet is working. Exercise, chia and determination help.

Of course, since I am being good at my diet,

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Quick diets and why they fail

I’m more aware of them, now that I’m trying to lose weight. The advertisements. The shill proclaiming their new product and ONLY their product will help you reach your target weight and stay there.

It’s all bullshit.

Especially the ones where they claim you -yes, you!- can drop an extravagant number of pounds/kilos in an amazingly short time.

What they never tell you is that you -yes, you!- inevitably yo-yo back up again

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I'm losing weight at last!

I started this year at 95.4kg, just a few small kilos away from 100kg. I made a resolution to lose weight and get fitter, so immediately I went out and stuffed myself for the annual new years’ rello visit.

Hubby didn’t help, either. Next night, he took me out to Sizzler’s.

Today [the 5th of Jan] is the day where I finally dipped below my starting weight. I’m now 95.2kg. You might not

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