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Monday, Forgetting the Self-Maintenance

This may be the last relatively idle day in what's looking like a busy week. I'm taking Mayhem to a thing to help him with work tomorrow. I'm going to MeMum's for tech support issues on Wednesday... and on Sunday... Beloved returns to this wide burnt land. Hooray.

I have PLNs involving a lot of hugs on that day.

I'm also plotting to do two side-projects per diem this week and see how it plays out. Whether or not I feel burned out about it.

I need to remember to do my foot treatments and this is the third day in a row that I forgot doing them. Mostly because other things needed me to be quick in getting ready.

Forcing myself to go through the pains of treatments in the afternoon is not something that I'm fond of doing.

I need a keeper to make me do the thing.

Can't afford anyone for that yet -_-

...maybe I should do a Self-Care spreadsheet for the accountability of it all. Keep track of all the things I need to do for my own good.

Let's see how well I can do with this stuff.

Challenge #04002-J350: Before You Become Ash

They were working 10 hour days, plus several oddball hour meetings with the groups they were in for their hobbies that they treated like a second job. Their companion, who was also their best friend, forced them to take a vacation before their mental, and physical, health began to suffer for it. -- Anon Guest

Nils took in a scene of absolute horror. A tidy domicile, with all of hir craft supplies and tools conspicuous by their absence. All of the tools

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Challenge #02301-F111: Self-Entertainment Hazard

"Oh god. Please, I beg you, stop this terror-inducing nightmare!!!"

"...dude, I'm just clicking my pen."

"W H Y ?"

"I dunno, I'm bored"

(highly sound sensitive alien meets human with non-stopping clicking habit ^^) -- Anon Guest

Fact: Humans need enrichment in their environments for the best mental health. Fact: Humans can accept a vast variety of potential entertainments, even whilst performing other duties. Fact: If a Human's environment is not sufficiently enriched, the Human is capable of making their own enrichment.


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Friday again?

Yesterday was Chaos' sports carnival. She wore out at roughly midday and I got to take her home, but she gave it the best try she had and that's all that matters.

Plus it was wicked hot and that always takes it out of my side of the family. Worst day to wear all black. Ouch.

I'm still weary from it and I was just walking around and filming bits of it.

Which is going to make today fun. Because it's Cleaning

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I'm losing weight at last!

I started this year at 95.4kg, just a few small kilos away from 100kg. I made a resolution to lose weight and get fitter, so immediately I went out and stuffed myself for the annual new years’ rello visit.

Hubby didn’t help, either. Next night, he took me out to Sizzler’s.

Today [the 5th of Jan] is the day where I finally dipped below my starting weight. I’m now 95.2kg. You might not

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