Friday again?

Yesterday was Chaos' sports carnival. She wore out at roughly midday and I got to take her home, but she gave it the best try she had and that's all that matters.

Plus it was wicked hot and that always takes it out of my side of the family. Worst day to wear all black. Ouch.

I'm still weary from it and I was just walking around and filming bits of it.

Which is going to make today fun. Because it's Cleaning Day and there's a couple days' worth of debris floating about on the counters and tables. Yikes.

But since I'm doing my blogging now, I might have a chance to tidy up at least some of it.

In the TMI department, I got one blockage shifted. It's less painful to sit, but I'm keeping up the magnesium and experimenting with psyllium husk coconut 'bread' to help keep me regular. I found a lovely recipe over here and if it works, then we're good.

Now all I need to do is get into the habit of drinking water regularly. It's a horrible habit derived from derision during my school days. People mocked me for the way I drank so... I gave up drinking.

Plus the water was so chemical-laden that I never liked the taste.

Fast-forward to age 44 and I still don't like to drink a lot of water without some kind of flavour. Even the filtered stuff. So I add sugarless cordials. Problem with that is, my mouth feels icky after a while and then I don't want to drink anything.

I'm a mess.