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Challenge #03241-H332: Bootstrap Syndrome

The business was one that was insanely busy, constantly. Though they did their best to try to get their human friend not to push so hard, the person still kept working sometimes fifteen hours or more a day. While they were getting very well paid for such overtime, it was obvious this poor friend of theirs still had a long way to go in therapy to break out of the Deregger mindset so heavily beaten into them when they were young. -- Anon Guest

Some philosophies have sticking power. For the rescuees of Greater Deregulation Upper Northwest, it was both, Work or die, and, Work until you die. Human Ome was among the number of those recovering from such mental poison.

It didn't help that she became a baker. Handmade loaves, buns, and whatnot were selling like - well - hotcakes. A baker rose early so that their bread could rise too.

This baker stayed up with her staff to show them that the manager could work just as much as they did. It was starting to take its toll.

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Challenge #01494-D033: Intervention!

"A superhero chases a villain into a dark warehouse, only to have the doors close behind them. When the lights come on, the hero is surrounded by the full rogues gallery of supervillains. But this isn’t an ambush… It’s an intervention."

(ever see megamind?) -- Gallifreya

The lights came on, and Mighty Man expected a gigantic, hero-defeating trap to be revealed. No such thing. There were comfy chairs. And a throw rug. And

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