Challenge #04002-J350: Before You Become Ash

They were working 10 hour days, plus several oddball hour meetings with the groups they were in for their hobbies that they treated like a second job. Their companion, who was also their best friend, forced them to take a vacation before their mental, and physical, health began to suffer for it. -- Anon Guest

Nils took in a scene of absolute horror. A tidy domicile, with all of hir craft supplies and tools conspicuous by their absence. All of the tools ze usually used for working at home were not where ze had left them.

Xie had some packed bags. Hirs and theirs, and the coffee table only bore two transit tickets, and not a collection of half-finished projects and assorted scrattle.

"What have you done?" wailed Nils. "Where's all my stuff?"

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