Challenge #02301-F111: Self-Entertainment Hazard

"Oh god. Please, I beg you, stop this terror-inducing nightmare!!!"

"...dude, I'm just clicking my pen."

"W H Y ?"

"I dunno, I'm bored"

(highly sound sensitive alien meets human with non-stopping clicking habit ^^) -- Anon Guest

Fact: Humans need enrichment in their environments for the best mental health. Fact: Humans can accept a vast variety of potential entertainments, even whilst performing other duties. Fact: If a Human's environment is not sufficiently enriched, the Human is capable of making their own enrichment.

Fact: Clicker pens still exist.

Thorqak tried not to twitch as the Ships' Human erratically played with their clicker pen. All attempts to confiscate it had failed. He knew this because he had a dozen of them in a secure storage area, and yet Human Zi found more. Or, Thorqak was starting to suspect, the Human could manifest them out of thin air. All of Human Zi's time on duty, when both hands were not needed for a task, were accompanied by an arrhythmic click-click-click-click-click.

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