Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Audacity... flies. The learning curve is so gentle that Flat Earthers would declare it a straight line. I owe these guys some money.

I do remain slightly vexed that you have to manually flick between the move and selection tools, but it's a price I can pay for snipping out awkward pauses, re-takes, gulps, and horking up lumps of mucous.

It happens.

So far, I have twelve minutes of total audio so far, and the knowledge of how to cut, copy, paste, move, and import with Audacity.

Audacity rocks, y'all. Give them money.

I have to check my Paypal balances because I've been a little spendthrifty of late. I might have to wait until another payment from Smashwords/Patreon/Ko-fi comes in, but I will give them money. Sooner or later. Just as soon as I figure out what I can afford and when.

It's free. I can use it without difficulty. That's all I really need in this life. They win.

It's Monday, so my day is full. I'm going to try cramming my novel writing this week, but it's not going to be urgently vital. I shall see how I shall go.

If I can make the time, I will. If not... meh. At least I tried. I got four weeks and finding an end is going to be a smidge on the tricky side.

THEN I take a breather [read: fanfic like there is no tomorrow] for at least a week whilst I attempt to find beta readers for this thing and start world-building for the next thing.

This... is going to be a big thing. Three books, set in my own world where I have to write some rules that make sense and keep to them.

Also have to make my leading lady a real believable person in the environment I'm making up. I already have PLNs to riff on The Princess Bride for at least a portion of act one. Figuring out a Hero's Journey into a trilogy into the thing. Naming people, coming up with a band of allies, naming places, coming up with landscapes, et cetera.

Fun times.

This one's going to be a while.