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A 5-post collection

Slowing down

It's Sunday, so my natural inclination to get moving and do anything is almost nil.

And I stayed up until nearly midnight listening to The Adventure Zone. Because I wanted to hear the end of it. Didn't get that far, because it was gone ten PM and there's no way that anyone can listen to 160 minutes of cool RP within two hours.

So of course I woke up later in the day, and got out of bed way later in the day.

As for the lumpy feeling in my throat, the diagnosis is officially stress. Except I don't know what the shit I'm stressing about. If I knew what it was, I could deal with it.

Shit I know I'm stressing about:

  • The free story I'm about to release on Wednesday
  • My continuing failure to raise enough to deal with my failing compy
  • Where the fuck the reply from the postal agents has got to
  • I had to do the cover for this year's spooky story myself and I don't know how to make it not suck beyond greyscaling it and seeing if it still "works"
  • And my only hope for raising money is via Steemit and I regularly get noise like this:

[Shown here, a screencap from the bottom of a Steemit post. The post has earned three cents from four votes, and has had seventeen views.]

If you want to help, and don't have money, you can sign up for a Steemit account and post whatever you like [max: four posts a day or you lose steam], but please follow my steemit and vote for the stories you like. Steemit is free and a better venue than Tumblr.

...but a wet paper sack is a better venue than Tumblr... That's not my point. The point is that you can use your posting power to generate a little bit in the way of coin for me. And there's the possibility of me actually getting that coin out of there at a later date.

You know. Once I learn how.

::William Tell Overture::

Run! Gotta run! Gotta get up and then drive down to MeMum. To MeMum. To MeMum. To MeMum. To MeMum. To MeMum. To MeMuuuuuuuuum...

And that's where I run out of meter, alas. Wasn't even going to try for rhyme. I only get that clever when I'm rat-faced tired, and I don't get rat-faced tired any more. Thanks, Keto.

Today is the big day. And like all big days, I have already had my 3AM panic session including a little taste of

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Ah, long weekends

Her Majesty is having her official birthday on Monday, which means most of the house gets an extra day to slack off and do not very much at all. I still have to fulfil some of my daily duties - adding to my novel and the daily story. And I plan on making at least three earrings before Monday is done.

"Plan". Ha. That's a good word. I planned to finish up making all my earring cards, yesterday. Factorio happened, and then

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Spinning my wheels...

I hate wasting time.

Lots of things that need to get done depend highly on other people doing them. Because I lack the skills, the knowledge, the money or the resources to do it myself. So I end up sitting around waiting for other people to get the thumb out of their collective butts.

Time bleeds away. Hour by hour.

I’ve organized and packed the kids’ bags so they’re ready for school. I’ve matched and

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I'm losing weight at last!

I started this year at 95.4kg, just a few small kilos away from 100kg. I made a resolution to lose weight and get fitter, so immediately I went out and stuffed myself for the annual new years’ rello visit.

Hubby didn’t help, either. Next night, he took me out to Sizzler’s.

Today [the 5th of Jan] is the day where I finally dipped below my starting weight. I’m now 95.2kg. You might not

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