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I Need Money

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Getting there

Economic Disaster Protocol has been initiated. Not that I wasn't working on most of it to begin with, but...

  • There's going to be a lot of stews
  • Or a lot of bulk meal products that can make multiple servings
  • Loads of whatever's cheap
  • Rationing treats

I may have to discuss getting the cheap cream instead of the Good Stuff(tm) with my Beloved. Same with the eggs. But I know we're not there yet.

And since Steemit is paying for my compy fund in some weeks hence, I can get our groceries out of my cash savings for quite some time.

Bonus for us. Maybe?

If I take funds from our earnings every OTHER week, it might help. But it's not a permanent solution.

I only have so much cash on hand, after all.

That's going to go. And fast.

So this weekend, I have to shill like I have never shilled before. All across all of my social accounts. But that will likely start during the long weekend.

Today... I need to get my arse in gear 'cause it's already almost seven.

Feeling scummy

So. Yesterday was not my proudest day. As you know, I had a prompt with paedophilia right the fuck in there, and I have yet to back down from a challenge. Even one that makes me feel like I just ingested the liquid grossness that you find in the bottom of a garbage bin.

I do not support, condone, or excuse paedophilia. I do not believe in any of the excuses I wrote, yesterday, nor do I support them as arguments. Just

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Little finicky details

Mayhem has another day at "Summer School" to finish off the things and get his book list.

I have a dental appointment today, so that's going to stress me out some. I fully plan to bring my novel-in-progress with for the office wait.

Lord knows how I'm going to pay for it, tho.

We've not had a lot of free cash, lately. Which is worrisome for me, because having enough money to do things is kind of important.

And yule is coming

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Unriddling the SNAFUs

Okay. I've had some errata happening with Steemit. And the queue function. And it seems like I have to have the queue page open so that it will post my blasts from the past.

Math has made it possible for me to deduce that the queue site's twelve noon is my 9PM. So if I want it to post at my twelve noon, I have to schedule stuff for 3AM.

And I'll be starting with the tales that got skipped in the

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Slowing down

It's Sunday, so my natural inclination to get moving and do anything is almost nil.

And I stayed up until nearly midnight listening to The Adventure Zone. Because I wanted to hear the end of it. Didn't get that far, because it was gone ten PM and there's no way that anyone can listen to 160 minutes of cool RP within two hours.

So of course I woke up later in the day, and got out of bed way later in the

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Scrape, scrape, scrape...

This is not the first time that I've had to scrape and scrimp to get things together. This is, however, the first time I've been trying to save for a new computer out of my own earnings and savings.

We've made half a cow's worth of meat last for most of this year, and that's fabulous. Now we're out of everything but soup bones... affording another half a cow is out of my budget and might be out of Beloved's for some

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Finances, Fucked up, and Fuckassery

I'm still hovering around the halfway mark with the New Compy Fund. If I clean everything out at once, I'm just past halfway there at $1.8K and this is because my automatic payment to my personal funds got cancelled because I took it out of the wrong account.

It's sorted out, now. Don't fret.

And I forget how I got through $210 out of my emergency funds, but it was probably food or clothes.

My scrimpings are up by $340 thanks

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Blurgh... murgh

Today is going to be a FML day. I know this because Beloved came home to bed at one in the morning and I spent most of my time since then attempting to snatch a fragment of sleep or three.

The only plus side is that I remember a dream I had that was "sort of" about Steam Powered Giraffe.

It was a procedural drama in which the cops in question were looking into the SteamPunk community and... some very familiar faces

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The hurried-er I go...

...the behind-er I get.

That used to be one of Dad's phrases. I've taken it to mean that one is falling behind despite one's efforts to get ahead.

There's no scrimpings this week. Chaos needed shorts and underwears, Mayhem has a birthday this Friday, and that took care of everything I had on freaking Tuesday.

For the record, Chaos' Keto Clogs cleared, and she's no longer having trouble.

Meanwhile, I'm desperate enough to raise cash that I'm pondering what making music in

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I Have Issues

We saw Valarian and the City of a Thousand Planets, last night. And there's a lot of tropes that could have been done away with way back in the 60's and 70's when the original material was coming out.

More on this in my Medium or my Wordpress account. I haven't decided yet. Links are over in the menu on the right.

Medium wants me to pay for some of their content, and I say good luck with that. I'm trying to

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My spleen overfloweth...

I get a lot of pent-up feelings. Possibly due to me biting my tongue and bottling things up for WAY too long, until the pressure is too much and I just vomit acidic words in random directions.

And the most recent cause is usually the biggest recipient.

I should be trying to find a way to politely express my exasperation, but when I'm feeling horrible, I just can't. I'm rude. I'm vicious. I'm... downright nasty.

And I know damn well I shouldn't

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Le sigh

I must have been spoiled by my first experience with because I am greatly disappointed by the lack of matches to my query.

The first time I used it, I had offers flooding my inbox [and a few calls] before two hours had gone by. Now? Silence there, as Poe wrote, and nothing more.


Beloved told me to give it a few days, but I am very tempted to just look up a fridge seal repair person and get

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Grrrr... fargnax...

OK so I was so eager to have money again that my mental calendar flipped ahead by an entire week. Which means I pretty much have to keep my head in for ANOTHER week.

We have loads of stuff to eat, so it's cool. What's not cool is not having options. Like... "Meh, I don't feel like cooking, let's have Pizza/HJ's/Maccas/RandoTakeoutPlace" kind of options.

What's also not cool is that the freezer needs a defrost and, despite our best

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Payday! Time to get broke

It's the payday just before school, so today will be full of shoes, socks and jocks. Water bottles and hats. And hoping that Officeworks will have the shiznit we need in time.

I have some money squirreled away, just in case. I hope it won't be necessary, though.

Today's big challenge will be keeping the kids awake all day. They've got used to the old siesta and school won't let you take a napnap. The barbarians.

With luck, we should have everything

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Very much broke again

(Argh) Christmas gift shopping happened. It's a very cheap year, this year. For limited definitions of "cheap". Beloved secured Mayhem's gift at quite some expense, and since we have an "equal worth" policy going on, Chaos may yet have some catching up to do.

We might not be able to do that, this year. Ah well.

And, as previously noted in this blog, all the adults are getting artisinal herb products in a pretty little gift basket, this year. I feel kind

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