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Antibiotics... Working

My chunks are no longer colourful. Or at least I managed to shift one that was clear. Hooray.

There's less of them, too, so that means I shall soon be seeing the end of my nastiness. I can hope and pray.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the dentist. And Chaos has an appointment with the doctor in the afternoon.

Fun fun stuff.

I'm still trying to figure out foods for tonight, let alone what I'm doing with my stuff today. I owe all of y'all stuff on my Patreon. I need to get everything done including the organising.

And now... I have an Instant to write.

Oh Fuck

My car is due a service. Just freshly overdue.

That is going to co$t us. Lot$ and lot$.

All my lappy cash is tied up in bitcoin trading in the hopes of getting a better lappy in the new fiscal year. And since bitcoin is crashing at the moment, my hopes lie in buying low and selling dear.

Any extra cash I had has been sucked up in little disasters, rebalancing the credit card, and getting myself the odd shiny thing

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