I Need Help

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...I Forgot

to post my Patreon stuff yesterday. Whoops.

I also messed myself up by forgetting to give myself $70 when getting my cash, this Monday.

I am just full of fuckup this week. Probably because coming down off of carbs.

Today's Instant will likely be late because of fixing some of that, but at least I shall schedule my Blasts before I go on a journey to unriddle whatever dinner's going to be.

Though it shall likely be leftovers, since the fridge is crammed. Which will, luck willing, also give me the chance to do those cauliflower patty cakes I've been gassing about since five-ever ago.

Money-wise, I am making incredibly slow amounts of money. My lovely Patrons have me up to nearly $20 per month. Bless y'all with benevolent synchronicity. Smashwords gives me about $10 a month if I'm lucky. The free stuff 'sells' better than the cost stuff and I'm getting used to that.

And it took me a month to get $100+ out of trading in BitCoin. So whilst I am gaining, I'm not gaining a lot. All of this is still hobby-money.

Waiting on that agent is shit, I tell you.

I'm halfway tempted to give up and send my shit to the rest of them and hope for the best. At least rejection from everywhere means I can pester AR&E for my money back. It's feeling very much like I wasted $400 on this malarkey and I am pissed off.

$400 and two fucking years. Most of that time is sitting on the divot and waiting for feedback. Fractions of that time is getting fucking unhelpful and generic "not what we're looking for at this time" feedback.


90% of marketing advice is "get out on the social networks and spruik your shit" and then some of them have the gall to make you pay for that advice. What I need is a social person to get out there for me because, shit, I have other things I need to do. I can't spend ALL my time on networks and looking for stuff that I could reply to.

A person, or an algorithm. Whatever.

This? This is why I need an agent. Someone to take over the publicity side of things and sell me to whomever. Do the deals. Press palms. Give me money. Get me that smaller slice of a bigger pie.

I'll just hide in my cave and create that sweet, sweet content.

My spleen overfloweth...

I get a lot of pent-up feelings. Possibly due to me biting my tongue and bottling things up for WAY too long, until the pressure is too much and I just vomit acidic words in random directions.

And the most recent cause is usually the biggest recipient.

I should be trying to find a way to politely express my exasperation, but when I'm feeling horrible, I just can't. I'm rude. I'm vicious. I'm... downright nasty.

And I know damn well I shouldn't

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The Continuing Adventures....

When we last left our heroes, the cat was on the mend, some bills were paid, and MeMum had a semi-reliable internet connection.

That's been more or less fixed, now.

The cat may still need eye surgery because her eyelid is halfway turned inside out and she firkin hates eyedrops [and so do I] which will be another triple-figure bill if the Vet has anything to say about it. AND the air conditioner in the room where I work has decided that

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I just saved 100K words

At 500 words a day, that’s 200 days of effort. I have 40 days worth of writing left to go.

That is, before I get to my target. I may go over.

Then I have editing and only three reliable beta-readers. Should I ask for more? Would I be asking for trouble? I’m pretty certain three is not enough.

Ugh, editing sucks.

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