Blurgh... murgh

Today is going to be a FML day. I know this because Beloved came home to bed at one in the morning and I spent most of my time since then attempting to snatch a fragment of sleep or three.

The only plus side is that I remember a dream I had that was "sort of" about Steam Powered Giraffe.

It was a procedural drama in which the cops in question were looking into the SteamPunk community and... some very familiar faces turned up. 2012-era Rabbit and The Spine makeups. I say 'makeups' because the actors were actually playing those members of Steam Powered Giraffe, but... they weren't Bunny and David. The imaginary producers got twin actors, but not THE twin actors. I remember being offended that the show didn't get the actual people, because the makeup artists did a pretty shit job at Vintage!Rabbit. The Killer-of-the-Week was after Rabbit and there was a chase scene that involved a covered walkway and a cache of weapons that Rabbit knew about for some reason.

My brain is a very silly place to live in, apparently.

I'm going to be doing a lot of caffeine, today, just to remain operational. And I have a lot to do, today.

Including the usual writing blather, and the Patreon contribution, I'm attempting to photoshop together the cover for this years' free Halloween story. I'm making it out of five separate stock images, and that promises to be a lot of fiddly fart-arsing about.

Which includes waiting for my credit card to clear so I can download two of those aforementioned images. This part might take all day, but at least I can get some of it together today.

And I'm almost at the point where I might have to purchase some conversion software because trial times are wont to run out. Beloved lets me use that kind of money, so it's not going to impede my New Compy Fund. I try to keep those kinds of costs to the family minimal. Asking $3K out of our budget is WAY over the line.

It's true. When you're scraping, it's easier to get cheap things all the time than expensive things.

And for now... I'm watching for the bus and working on SESP.