Challenge #01715-D254: Beautiful Downtown Babel

It was gridlocked regularly, so they added another lane. Then more cars and trucks came. -- Knitnan

Once, there was a city. It was by a natural port, so it grew with the aim of trade in mind. The lanes and byways were made by horses and the places where people thought it would be convenient to have a building. Cars came, and things changed. Narrow little lanes that could afford a horse became places to build. Wide lanes became wider. Traffic happened. Cars and trucks clogged the byways and fouled the air.

Gridlock happened. People in their cars and trucks were in the way of everyone else in their cars and trucks. The people who lived nearby moved out. Into wide areas where they could see a little green which meant that they needed cars to get to their place of work, which was in the city.

Buildings fell. Roads widened. More buildings sprang up. And, as always, there were more vehicles to clog the roads. Year after year, the people in charge applied the same solution that didn't work to a problem that they caused for themselves. Some asked for reliable public transit, but the budget went to more roads. Always more roads.

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